Norm Meets BatGnome

Norm has been taking it easy lately, relaxing at home and enjoying the Seattle sunshine. He’s a bit overwhelmed by the number of photos he has from his trip around Scotland, Ireland, London, and Paris – Norm promises those photos are still coming! The photo processing has been daunting. But in exciting news, Norm recently met his first superhero, BatGnome! Norm and BatGnome hit it off, and Norm was granted the honorary title of Commissioner Norman.

Norm is about to hop on a plane and head out to Missouri, and he worries about his roommate when he’s gone. BatGnome is always looking for opportunities to do good things, so when Norm asked if he would move in and watch over Norm’s roommate during Norm’s absences, BatGnome readily agreed. Not only will Norm’s roommate feel safer, but also these new best gnome-buds can hang out between their respective adventures!

BatGnome has settled in nicely, and would like everyone to know that as far as Hollywood goes, Adam West was the best Batman. Don’t argue with a gnome.

BatGnome at home

Love BatGnome? Check him out, along with Captain Gnome & Super Gnome at Parody Gnomes. They have no idea I’m plugging them; I just really love their ideas!